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Linkedin Community Connect Leadership e-coffee

If you resonate with any of the statements below then this Leadership e-coffee is exactly where you need to be!

  • You have the feeling that you are not at your full potential, that there is more inside you waiting to be awaken.

  • Days swish by without you getting your big projects accomplished.

  • You long for something to happen, something to change the routine. To be surprised and feel invigorated.

  • You are in the center of where action is taking place. You are full of energy and need to focus and prioritise.

Make sure you don't miss this opportunity by taking conscious action and booking the time in your calendar. Copy this link so you don't have to spend time later wondering how to join. This Leadership e-coffee might be the awakening you've been waiting for!

Get ready to learn something new, to get a new insight and take your personal and professional leadership to the next level.

Don't forget to register by clicking on the event link. You will get a confirmation email with the link to the event.


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