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Brighter Leaders offers inspirational lectures 30-60 minutes long that lift your event and make you increase the commitment and satisfaction of the participants. No matter what business or event it is, 30 minutes of inspiration can brighten your program.


- For the company's staff during training days.

- For the company's Christmas or summer party.

- For your management team.

- For your team or department.

- At business, professional, high school, university or municipal fairs.

- For associations.

- For the municipalities in connection with invitations from citizens or entrepreneurs.

- For the municipalities in connection with internal events.

- At the end of school or in connection with the high school or university lecture.


The content is adapted to the program you offer and to the number of participants, which can vary from a few to a large audience.


"Thank you Lizzie Claesson for your participation. According to the polls, you were the highlight of the program.” - has been said about these efforts.


If you are interested in supplementing your program with content that aims to inspire, get in touch for a dialogue.

Inspirational Lectures

15 000,00 krPris
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