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Rock your leadership or stay behind

What stands out in leadership is that individuals think, feel and act differently when faced to the same situation. That is, two people in the same team, sharing same company values and even sharing team values, will see things in different ways. This is great because it gives the team more perspectives to act on, it enriches team dynamics. As a leader, however, you need to adapt your leadership style to each person on your team and to the concrete situations at hand.

How about identifying some concrete areas in your leadership, to focus on and reflect? Take a few minutes for every area and write down some notes. Take a brief moment to brainstorm.

Here come some example areas to pay attention to. You will surely identify others relevant for you.

Intuition: is very much about listening to yourself and others. Listening to your thoughts, your feelings and what your body might be telling you, It’s about reflecting in advance instead of being wise afterwards.

Behaviors: how conscious are you about your behaviors and the reactions they create on others? It takes time to change behaviors. Start by identifying those behaviors in yourself that you like, that help you achieve what you wish and those that don’t.

Mindset: is very much about your mental approach to yourself, others and situations. To what extent you allow others and yourself to make mistakes and how you use these mistakes to learn and evolve. The more you see the positive side of things the more you will gain.

Communication: dare to bring up things, both good and bad. Don’t let them stay locked down within yourself. In the sharing of ideas, thoughts and perceptions we evolve as teams and individuals.

Goals: the clearer and more concrete you set your career and personal goals for yourself the easier it will be achieving them and getting this warm feeling of fulfillment. By coaching your team members do likewise you will be surrounding yourself by fulfilled people. Fulfilled people are happy people more eager to over perform and help others get all the way.

All of these areas can be trained. Your and your team’s results and well being will improve as your leadership skills get sharpened while leading digitally and remotely, by understand and strengthening your leadership style, by improving your and your team’s communication skills, when identifying your common values. Check here to find out how.

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