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Objective of the training:

  • The primary objective of this training is to equip each participant with tools and actionable takeaways on how to foster strong team performance, whether as a project lead or a team member.
  • Given that each team member will lead a project at least once during the next year, it's crucial to understand how to create a supportive environment where team members feel comfortable expressing their ideas, asking questions, and admitting mistakes without fear of judgment.
  • By enhancing psychological safety and encouraging collaboration, this training aims to strengthen team cohesion, improve communication, and enable team members to complement each other more effectively in any team setup.


Benefit of the training:

  • The overarching goal of this training is to encourage open and honest communication, foster mutual respect, and enhance trust among team members. The training is designed to be universally applicable, benefiting any team setup beyond just this specific group.
  • Participants will not only gain a deeper understanding of themselves and their colleagues but will also acquire tools to cultivate high levels of psychological safety in team environments. Whether one is a project lead or an individual team member, everyone has a role to play in building this safety net.
  • The emphasis is on the principle that everyone, regardless of their title or position, should feel empowered to contribute significantly to team performance. In turn, this approach will help team members feel more valued, bolster their sense of belonging, and optimize their ability to communicate and collaborate. By directly addressing insecurities and boosting team morale, the training aims to enhance overall team efficiency and productivity.


How it will help the rest of the organization:

Enhancing psychological safety and collaboration within one team can have a ripple effect throughout the organization. Improved team performance can lead to better results, which will reflect positively on the organization as a whole. Moreover, by fostering a positive team environment, the team will be better equipped to adapt to change, share their knowledge and skills with others, and contribute to a culture of continuous learning and improvement within the organization.


Practical aspects:

The suggested training will last 2.5 hours and will consist of a combination of interactive exercises, discussions, and reflection sessions. An experienced facilitator will guide the team through the process, ensuring a comfortable and productive experience for all participants.

Team performance training - fostering psychological safety and collaboration

17 800,00 krPris
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