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C-Level Executive Coaching

Have every executive performing at their peak.

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  • The coaching is held at Brighter Leaders, your company or online

Beskrivning av tjänsten

Leadership and personal development is a process that e.g includes: - Being aware of your own and other’s emotions, how they are expressed and how they affect you and others - Contributing to create, reinforce and change attitudes and beliefs so that they serve you well towards your big why, your vision and goals - Acquiring the necessary tools that will make the development journey faster and easier (not fast and easy) - Develop leadership skills that will help you focus, increase clarity, prioritize towards your desired outcome, increase your personal effectiveness, delegate more when needed, develop your coaching and listening skills as well as your communicational skills - Find the ways to motivate and engage others so that they too may find the glow from within - Strengthen self-confidence and thinking, feeling and acting in coherence with your self-image - Finding a balance between work and leisure that is good for you - Untapping your true potential - Increasing the levels of energy, motivation and satisfaction Individual coaching programs consist on 1-on-1 meetings, every 3-4 weeks depending on your availability, work load and training goals. In each meeting you will receive concrete tools to achieve the desired change/ outcome, insights that you can turn into concrete actions to increase your focus, clarity, energy and performance. Recommended length for this coaching programs is 6, 9 and 12 months. To book a 60 minutes call, for professional and personal development to sharpen your leadership, please click on the box below "60 Minute Meeting (only clients)" and follow the next steps.


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