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Do you occasionally experience a certain ambiguity in your communication with others? Then this tool is just right for you!


What this tool will give you is:


Better understanding of your and others' communication styles. Not just the verbal communication which makes up to less than 10% but also the remaining 90% which is non-verbal.


You will have better working and personal relationships. Your discussions will be more fruitful and you will spend less energy trying to sell your ideas to others. At the same time, you will more quickly understand others and what they mean but do not say.


You will be better at giving and receiving feedback, which is crucial for your continued development and the development of those around you, both at work and in your private life.

Understand and strengthen your communication

6 950,00 krPris
  • What you get is a self-appreciation tool that helps you:

    - Understand your natural communication styles

    - Develop an understanding of how your communication affects others

    - Understand, respect and value individual differences

    - Develop strategies for improved collaboration

    The tool consists of 24 online statements where you are expected to click on the word that matches best and the word that matches the least. The questionnaire can be answered in over 30 languages. If you would rather answer in another language, do not hesitate to ask if your mother tongue is available.

    You have ten days to answer the questions after the purchase. Once you have submitted your answers, you will be contacted by Lizzie Claesson for an online or IRL feedback meeting of 1-1.5 hours, where you will be able to discuss, understand and take concrete steps towards positive change in your communication.

    VAT will be added at check out.

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